About fundingtrip.com

Our Mission

To help companies everywhere find the right funding.


Our Values

We are transparent. We are open and honest. We share information and do our best to ensure the veracity of it. .

We are innovative. We actively pursue new and different ways to further FundingTrip’s mission. We challenge the status quo.

We are authentic. With passion and courage, we come together to get the job done.


About FundingTrip

FundingTrip aims to be the leading portal on insights about startup funding.

Built on the foundation of increasing funding transparency, FundingTrip offers insights into the funding experience powered by companies, founders, entrepreneurs and employees. This information is shared by those who know the fund best - the applicants and consultants who work in the field. In turn, applicants and fund seekers are more informed about the funding products, financing programs, grants, loan schemes and Venture Capital firms they apply to. FundingTrip is available anywhere via its mobile-friendly website. 

FundingTrip.com is a site and domain owned by STRATA INNOVATION AND GROWTH SL, company headquartered in Tres Cantos, Spain founded in 2019.