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Eureka (Intergovernmental Network)

EUREKA Clusters are long-term and strategically significant initiatives that develop technologies of key importance for European competitiveness. Addressing the needs of both large companies and SMEs, they are the engine for industrial innovation and economic growth

  • Status:
  • Funding type: Grant; Loan;
  • Geographic focus: Eureka associated countries;
  • Public/Private: Public
  • Stage focus: Seed; Series A;
  • Applicant target: SME; Startup; LE; RTO;


EUREKA is not a direct funding instrument. Projects are funded in a de-centralised manner through the funding agencies of the member countries. There are several cluster calls open: The CELTIC-NEXT Cluster launches two calls for projects per year: one in spring and one in autumn in the field of next generation communications for the digital society. The SMART cluster is open for advanced manufacturing R&D projects. Once a year, ITEA offers the opportunity to submit research project proposals that fit in the domain of software innovation.

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Clusters FAQ

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Hi, I'm wanting to apply for a grant for a start up. We aim to rescue up to 3000 pieces of furniture per year from Municipal Waste sites around the Stockholm area. Whilst offering up to 60 placements for people far from the employment market per year. How do I go about sending in a pitch? Thanks for any guidance. [email protected] best, David
October 19, 2023 - 14:18

Featured Funds

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ICO - Instituto Crédito Oficial

  • Usage: R&D; Go2Market; Social & Environment; Other;
  • Entity type: Public Agency
  • Total: 8B €
  • Funding type: Equity investment;
  • Status: Open
  • Geographic focus: Spain;
  • 0 reviews 1 questions
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Sound BioVentures

  • Usage: R&D; Go2Market;
  • Entity type: Venture Capital
  • Total: 150M €
  • Funding type: Equity investment;
  • Status: Open
  • Geographic focus: United States of America; Europe; Scandinavia;
  • 0 reviews 0 questions
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Focused for business

  • Usage: Go2Market;
  • Entity type: Accelerator
  • Funding type: Crowdfunding; Equity investment; In kind; Other;
  • Status: Open
  • 0 reviews 0 questions