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Fabric Ventures

Fabric Ventures

Fabric Ventures invests in builders, businesses, and networks from inception to scaling since 2012.

  • Use: Go2Market; Scale-up;
  • Date closing: -
  • Amount: -
  • Industry focus: Others;
  • Total budget: 109M $
  • Entity type: Venture Capital
  • Vertical focus: crypto, blockchain,
  • Website:
  • Status:
  • Funding type: Equity investment;
  • Geographic focus:
  • Public/Private: Private
  • Stage focus: pre-seed; Seed; Series A; Series B; Series C;
  • Applicant target: Startup;


Fabric Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in scalable decentralized networks.

Fabric has been investing in builders, businesses and digital assets from inception to scaling since 2012. They back the founders of the Open Economy. Fabric is building on OpenOcean’s peerless open source pedigree and Firestartr’s background in seed investing and blockchain focus, and is backing the boldest projects forming the foundation of the ‘Open Economy’.

Fabric Ventures has raised a total of €109M in a single venture fund, Fabric Ventures Digital Assets Fund. This fund was announced on Jul 29, 2021 and raised a total of €109M.


Portfolio: Minteo, Winechain, Magicwave, Flashbots.

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