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Sweden’s shift to new techno-economic paradigms

  • Use: Go2Market;
  • Date closing: -
  • Amount: - 5.0M €
  • Industry focus: All
  • Total budget: 600M €
  • Entity type: Venture Capital
  • Vertical focus: Tech, Life Science
  • Website:
  • Status:
  • Funding type: Loan;
  • Geographic focus: Nordics;
  • Public/Private: Private
  • Stage focus: pre-seed;
  • Applicant target: Startup;


Industrifonden is one of the larger venture capital firms in the Nordics, backing growth companies in the Technology or Life Science sectors. The head office is in Stockholm, where the team of 30 professionals are located.

They invest in radically innovative early-stage companies of Life Sciences, Deep Tech and Transformative Tech sectors.

They support start-ups through investments whose median size is $5M.

Portfolio: Adfenix, Airsonett, AMRA Medical, Apica, Asgard Therapeutics , Athera Biotechnologies. and others.

Last updated on 2022-01-05 13:32

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