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VINNOVA Innovativa Startup Step 1


VINNOVA Innovativa Startup is the most important innovation programme for startups promoted by VINNOVA, the National Swedish Innovation Agency

  • Use: R&D; Go2Market;
  • Date closing: -
  • Amount: - 300,000 kr
  • Industry focus: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery; Arts; Tourism; Health; ICT; Food; Manufacturing; Chemical industry; Construction; Education; Energy and water supply; Transportation; Media; Others;
  • Total budget: -
  • Entity type: Public Agency
  • Vertical focus: All
  • Website:
  • Funding type: Grant;
  • Funding rate: 100%
  • Geographic focus: Sweden;
  • Public/Private: Public
  • Stage focus:
  • Applicant target: SME; Startup;


Är ni ett nystartat företag som vill bidra till hållbar tillväxt på en global marknad, vars verksamhet baseras på nyskapande produkter eller tjänster och har en skalbar affärsmodell? I så fall kan erbjudandet Innovativa Startups vara något för er. 

(Automatic English Translation) Are you a start-up company that wants to contribute to sustainable growth in a global market, whose operations are based on innovative products or services and have a scalable business model? If so, the programme VINNOVA Innovativa Startup may be for you!

Vinnova helps to build Sweden’s innovation capacity by funding research and innovation projects, but also by coordinating strategic initiatives, collaborating with actors across all sectors and shining a light on inspiring solutions and ideas. In other words: they help to prepare Sweden for the future.

Vinnova funds research and innovation projects that may not become a reality without government support. This involves everything from climate-smart meat alternatives to seeing how robots can help the elderly. They also fund pilot studies for projects in research and innovation, and provide support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Here are some examples of projects supported by Vinnova.

They can only give funding to organisations, and often want several participants to cooperate in the project. Private individuals never receive funding from Vinnova, and neither do organisations with economic difficulties.

Vinnova funds research and innovation through various calls for proposals. A call for proposals is a type of framework for what earmarked funding should be used for. In the call, they also specify what kinds of organisations can apply for that funding.

The first step to receiving funding is searching among Vinnova's calls for proposals to see if any of them might suit your project. The calls have different objectives and are directed at different target groups. Each call contains a number of conditions that must be met so that Vinnova can assess if they'll fund the project. Examples of formal requirements may be that the company may not be older than five years, that the project must have at least three participants or that the project manager has to be employed at the coordinator.


Application process


Vinnva only accepts applications electronically through their application service: the Services portal. An application usually consists of an application form and various appendices, but this depends on the call. They only evaluate applications that contain everything they've asked for, so applicants must follow the instructions carefully.

How to complete an application - a step-by-step guide (only available in Swedish)

Candidates willing to apply for Vinnova can do it by following this link.


Last update: June 2, 2022.

Last updated on 2022-06-02 14:02

VINNOVA Innovativa Startup Step 1 FAQ

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